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M- A- F- I- A App : Wonderland:The Beast by XsparX
M- A- F- I- A App : Wonderland:The Beast
   :iconm-a-f-i-a: :iconm-a-f-i-a: :iconm-a-f-i-a: :iconm-a-f-i-a:

[NoTes: I wanted to keep the beast much like the original Disney Adaptation of beauty and the beast and you'll see it there might be little references to it but also to the main original though not as much....I was stumped by how to make his personality so i looked up his personality and i found out a lot of things that were useful so if your having trouble with anything concerning your character i would recommend looking them up!! I wanted to mix the beast and his human form together because i feel like people know THe beast...As well The beast than "Adam" or "The prince" i also did that for his personality. There are things i really don't like about this app but the main thing is his baby face T^T but it was too late and am lazy so this will have to do for now..Thanks for reading my little notes of the character..P.S His eyes are bright blue i just wanted to try something new...]

➤Name: Gilen Del Chavalier
➤Nicknames: Beast,Prince,Master [TBA]
➤Age: 22 in appearance, True age unknown
➤Birthday: October 31
➤Gender: Male

➤Weight:164 lbs

➤Fairy Tale Character: The Beast

 Beast form : Owing to his fierce bestial nature, 
“The beast" has animalistic fighting powers in his beast form, agility and enhanced
strength comes mainly into this form but he only stays in this form
for 5 minutes before tiring and passing out as he turns back into his
humanoid form his stays knock out for 2 or so hours before gaining

➤Famiglia: Famiglia Wonderland 
➤Mafia Rank: 5 Soldier


Slightly shy: Interacting with him at first might not give the shy
impression but when it comes to getting something such as food or even
asking for something this beast tends to be bashful and has quiet a
lot of trouble with speaking directly with a stranger though in rare
occasions he might completely forget his shy nature.

Knowledgeable: As a child he was taught by the greatest of teache
he know’s many things that might be useful but the trouble is him
mentioning it as he doesn't like speaking much…

Astute: Being a prince you have to learn how to accurately assess
situations or even people and turn it into a advantage or as his
father says “You’ll get played by them if you don't play them first”.

Daring: He might not like being in the spotlight but when worst comes
to worst the beast tends to shine out of his shell and do what needs
to be done..But he wont be happy about it..

Impatient: Even as a prince he isn’t exactly keen on waiting so people
who can’t get straight to the point or do something correctly the
first time might want to watch it around him because he wont exactly
be kind to your mistakes…

Stoic: There are times as a prince when the poker face comes in handy but the beast
does it unintentionally there are times when a certain expression is required but the
beast will just keep a straight face.(He mostly does it to piss people off). 

Short tempered: Being half man and half beast his beastly side tends
to come out and it comes out often ..So if you do something that
angers or frustrates him make sure to not be in his presences for a
couple of days...

Reserved/Antisocial: As his appearance isn’t exactly inviting he tends
to not interact much with people preferring to stick to the corner of
wherever he is in but if you get pass that harsh or cold first meet
then you might get him to open up….or at least your presence...


(Childhood 1-11yrs of age)

Born into royalty Gilen was taught by the best Teachers,cared mostly by the best Servant mother and had the best of the prince grew spoiled and was a brute only ever acting "kind" towards nobles and His and her Majestes. By the age of eight the prince was already causing grief at the expense of others (often just to do something other than study to be king or Learn to be proper). The villager's were placed lower than pig's in his mind he often pulled pranks or "experiment's" at their own costs. But as a result of his cruelness he grew bored and lonely often wanting company but whenever a servant tried to comfort the prince he lashed out at them "Don't you dare touch something you can't afford you pig's!!Don't act as if you care!!You only care about not losing money!Go away!!"he often screamed. After a while the servant's stopped trying rarely trying to see the prince and only coming into his view if he called for them..He grew bitter and angry often trying to see his parent's to console him but as you can imagine the king and queen where much to busy for the prince..One day in anger of their often absent presence the prince drew his sword and destroyed everything he could out of anger...and maybe out of sadness..Enraged by his childish actions the king sent the prince to a soldier training camp he stayed there for the rest of his childhood until the age of 12 when he was sent back by a servant.

(Teenager years 12-20):

"At long last.." Thought the prince he grew more mature but was still was cruel towards other's in his path but unlike what he thought was a Forgiveness celebrating for sending him to the wretched camp he received the burden of the crown..The Queen and King had been killed in a carriage accident...The servant's were surprised to see the prince stare blankly at the burial of his parent's shedding no tear's. A year has passed and the prince soon to be king at eighteen was celebrating christmas when a knock was heard. Enraged the prince saw the "visitor"
himself he opened the door and saw a repulsive old women covered in a green cloak holding a rose "i am far from my home and i ask only one day to rest in your castle from the bitter cold rain my prince...and in return i give you this rose for your kindness.." The prince laughed at the gift and turned to close the door's but the old women warned not to be swayed by appearances for beauty is within...When turned down a second time the haggard appearance of the old lady melted away to revel a beautiful enchantress..She saw the bitterness in him and even saw that he had no love in his heart...As punishment for his cruel ways the enchantress put upon him a curse. Once a handsome prince now  turned into a hideous terrifying beast feeling pity for the creature she gave him a enchanted rose " It shall wilt till your twenty-first birthday you have until then to love someone and gain their love in return if you manage that the spell will be broken but if not you stay a beast forever.." said the women before disappearing. Terrified by his appearance the servant's fled the castle only his loyal servant and mother figure stayed for she had raised the boy and saw no difference in her heart but as time grew she eventually died of old age..No one visited the castle believing it cursed..Now all alone the prince grew into despair only being comforted by the roses his only servant cherished taking great care of them but he grew lonelier than ever even with the roses..Until one day a visitor came an old merchant had asked for shelter and covered by the shadow's the prince let him in leaving him food and drink at the dinning table the merchant thanked the"invisible owner" of the castle accepting the gifts and he spends the night there. The next morning as the merchant goes to leave he sees a lovely rose garden he thought of his children "the owner" of the castle had heard of the man's misfortune of being now poor and unable to get the gifts his children had asked so The beast had given him all of the gift's and more the merchant was grateful but now he had a problem what about his youngest? Belle, His youngest had asked for a rose..thinking of her he sniped the loveliest rose of the bush upon cutting it he is confronted by the angry beast telling him after all the kindness he had shown him he dares steal something most precious to him. The merchant argued that it was for his youngest daughter belle, After hearing his explanation the beast allowed him to live only if he brings belle back to the castle. After reluctantly bringing the girl,Gilen falls for her kindness and spirit and he tell's her that she is the mistress of the castle and that he will be her only servant after months of lavishing her with gifts and riches the girl grows homesick and begs to go home heartbroken and in despair Gilen allows her to return.The Heartbroken prince lays by the enchanted rose as it wilts its last rose petal the enchantress returns and upon seeing the boy's pity condition she tells him "You have fulfilled half of your mission beast so i shall give you half of what i promised" He is turned into a half man half beast and before he can speak she leaves..

(Young Adult 21-22):

Seeking a new start the beast burns the castle to rubble leaving with nothing he disguises himself as a villager and chooses to go with famiglia Wonderland even if Oz made more since, Gilen thought he was too "poor" for them and opted for Wonderland...Loyal to his famiglia he await's his journey...

(If anything is wrong or something does not make since please note me~~!I don't think i did everything right but..I hope i did atleast decent :iconsweatdropplz:)

Roses, Books, Solitude, Piano Music, The library, Gardens.

Loud places, Sympathy from lower classes, Bitter food, People calling him beast, Advice from others, Spells, Magic users.

Anything you want can be listed here! This includes hobbies, what weapons they use, voice actor, etc.(TBA)

Bullet; Pink - Love
Bullet; Purple - Lust
Rose - Crush
Bullet; Blue - Acquaintance
Bullet; Green - Best friend/Ally
Bullet; Yellow - Uncertainty
Bullet; Orange - Family
Bullet; White - Fear
Bullet; Red - Dislike
Bullet; Black - Despise/Want to kill
Heart - Like (platonically)
Character's name - Dead/Missing
Death Killed (as in that the character murdered the person, themself)

➤Roleplaying Information:

My TimeZone: (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Skype: Maybe
Deviant Chat room: Maybe
Notes: Yes 
Kik: Yes

My RolePlaying Style: I can Adapt to any RolePlaying style so if your into a specific one just tell me am not picky..But i mostly use Paragraph!

Genres: As above am in to try new things so don't be afraid to ask...
Jude smiling (Animation)
Uh yeah the title explains it.

I finished this a while ago but haven't had the chance to upload it.

I have gotten better in firealpaca so my art will look better!!Hopefully you look forward to it!!
I haven't been inspired lately and can barely finish anything i start on so sorry for not posting!!
Um yeah this was going to be longer but i got lazy haha..
Now am off to hopefully finish a app.

Not jude's hair but i was lazy to go looking for a reference so maybe he just woke up and didn't have time to style it.

Jude belongs :iconxsparx:

This was done in FireAlpaca 
It's Free so i recommend you check it out!!
[ Art trade ] Blushing Butterfly by XsparX
[ Art trade ] Blushing Butterfly
I decided to be poetic with the title XD

This is an art trade with the lovely 0retro
I had fun drawing with this cutey hopefully you enjoyed this and i hope this fits her character XS
I had so much trouble with the lighting so sorry its not the best. And i was afraid of inking it and messing it up
She belongs too :icon0x0retro0x0:

Thanks for art trading with me
Dale is happy by XsparX
Dale is happy
Um yeah am not the best with titles XD 
I just got a tablet and am still trying to figure it out..I think I've fainted. Waaaah! 
Dunno...Sweating a little... 

Dale :iconxsparx:


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